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In the small town of Adrian, Michigan. Of Mexican decent, he first embraced his culture at a very young age due to his great grandfathers' history of struggle to be recognized as a people. To be accepted both as another citizen of America the society as a whole and to continue the long tradition of revolution of thought in a country born of rebelliousness. One Grandfather fought as a member of the Northern Army led by Poncho Villa. After the war for Mexico, the remaining members were being assassinated one by one. The Poncho Villa ambush of 1923 was the last straw and led to his grandfather taking extreme measures of murder, confiscating the victim's papers and escaping his fate to the United States. The other spectrum of his heritage leads directly to his great grandfather who rode with Geronimo and his band of rebels against the onslaught of the U.S. Calvary, until the surrender of Geronimo himself.

Controversial, world renowned and considered one of the most talented artists of our time, he will be the first to say that to label him as so is naive and belittling to every other artist before him, who has made art their life's work. He has been drawing since childhood and didn't start painting until the turn of the millennium. From the very beginning of becoming more intrigued with art, he has won contest after contest, has had show after show and still doesn't take his genius seriously enough to call it anything but "His little hobby".


After the passing of Palin Perez Jackson (1973-2009), it reignited a passion to bring a lasting memorial to the public of one of Cleveland's most influential artist, entrepreneur and patron of his culture. In 2002 the first Latino owned and managed art gallery in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area was born, La Cosecha Galleria, literally translated, The Harvest Gallery. It stood for much more; it was an understanding, a union, an opportunity to display an identity. The ability to open the doors to other artists as an outlet to what is possible. Well received by the community, who until then were starved for a place to showcase their culture and artistic abilities. It always held a warm place in their heart and a revered memory for those that worked with them.

Charity, goodwill, and sincerity, all the pillars of faith and morality, suddenly became much more. These words, when put to the test of deeds become the mantra of innovation. The idea that if one does what is just, then all else is irrelevant. Not a new concept, but few actually willing take on the sacrifice of self and ego to go beyond the nonsense to do what is right. Novel is to live the concept of selflessness.


Recently being nominated for the COSE Business & Innovation Award, named to several boards including Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center, Hispanic Roundtable Community Development Co-chair, Metro Hospital VIC and several other endeavors have left a lasting impression on collaborators, allowing him to continue to put us in a place where we can not imagine nor have the ability to comprehend. To create with everyday reality, to plant a seed that nothing is impossible and give a glimpse of the unknown. 


A father, a son, a brother, and a veteran he continues to open the minds of the viewers and take us upon a journey that only a genius can lead us through.

"I'm not anything special, I'm a realist, I don't have the cure for what ails anyone. Don't mistake me for an artist ...I just paint pictures and nothing more. What people see they see within themselves" he says.


Open your mind and allow his "Hobby" to become your epiphany.............................

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