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The art gallery and boutique are not simply retail outlets, but our creative mirrors. La Cosecha Galeria has welcomed artists to develop, not only as a studio artist, but as creatives that collaborate and co-design around a defined aspiration as entrepreneurs.

La Cosecha Galeria introduces our “Incubator Studio” as part of the Creative Industry Professional Development Program. Our program is specifically geared for individual artists, crafters, makers, and entrepreneurs. This approach creates synergetic benefit by providing high quality professional practice opportunities for artists; allowing for the development of a program which is responsive to the needs of artists at local level and by providing capacity to expand our reach of the program with strategic partners. We provide Artist/Business Incubator Space in 3-month intervals while working continuously under consultation within the gallery scope of our Creative Industry Professional Development Programming.

Since 2001, La Cosecha Galeria has welcomed artists to develop, not only as a studio artist, but as artists that collaborate and co-design with community partners or residents around a collaboratively defined aspiration. We operate a wide range of professional development training and events throughout the year including workshops, peer discussion groups, seminars, talks and our annual calendar for the visual arts events and exhibitions. The delivery of this program is greatly supported by our relationship with local and international arts professionals and partner organizations throughout the World. We collaborate in partnership with local authorities, visual arts venues, and others, combining resources to support the professional development of visual artists at regional level.

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